• qxio-record Are there any compulsory subjects?
  • qxio-record What courses count towards university entry?
  • qxio-record With regards to Secondary Graduation, what is the WACE requirement for English?
  • qxio-record Is Mathematics a compulsory subject?
  • qxio-record If I am enrolled in a General program of study but also choose to study an ATAR subject in Year 12, do I have to sit the WACE external exam?
  • qxio-record What are the literacy requirements for university entry?
  • qxio-record I am enrolled in an ATAR program. Can I do Outdoor Education?
  • qxio-record Can my son study an ATAR course in Year 12 without completing the Year 11 equivalent?
  • qxio-record Are there any advantages of studying an ATAR course in Year 11 if I am TAFE bound?
  • qxio-record Do I need to enrol in a VET Certificate?
  • qxio-record What is meant by a ‘prerequisite’ subject for university entry?
  • qxio-record Can I change any of my subject choices before the beginning of the Year 11?
  • qxio-record Where there are two or more classes of the same subject can I swap between teachers?
  • qxio-record I have no idea what I want to do. Is this a problem in the subject selection process?
  • qxio-record How do I gain promotion to Year 11?
  • qxio-record What is the process if I wish to study a subject where I have not met the prerequisite at the end of Semester One, Year 10?
  • qxio-record Which TAFE courses should I apply for?
  • qxio-record How can I improve my chances of getting a place in a TAFE course?
  • qxio-record What is the difference between TAFE and university courses?
  • qxio-record What are the benefits of Workplace Learning?
  • qxio-record Where can I seek Careers advice?
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