Choices After Year 12


A small number of Year 10 students will have a good idea about the career path they wish to follow. These students should consult with school counsellors to determine the institutions they can attend after Year 12 and the academic background required to access those institutions.

The majority of students, however, will not have made up their mind about a career path. If this applies to you, then you should select courses in Year 11 and 12 that enable you to keep your options open. To discover how to identify possible career goals students can visit:

All students should be aware that some university studies specify preferred courses or prerequisites and that some State Training Provider (TAFE) courses are highly competitive, so completing certain courses in Year 11 and 12 can be an advantage.


Options After Year 12

Students leaving school after Year 12 typically pursue one of three broad options. Obviously, your options are influenced by the courses you have completed at school, and the results you have attained.

  • qxio-university University Entry
  • qxio-university State Training Provider (TAFE)
  • qxio-university Employment After School

For university entry, consider:

  • qxif-check-squareCareer interest and aspirations.
  • qxif-check-squareYear 10 achievement profile.
  • qxif-check-squareRequired uni prerequisites.
  • qxif-check-squareSelect English or Literature.
  • qxif-check-squareSelect 4-5 ATAR courses.
  • qxif-check-squareRefer to past ATAR entry cut-offs.

For TAFE entry, consider:

  • qxif-check-squareCareer interest and aspirations.
  • qxif-check-squareSelect an English course.
  • qxif-check-squareSelect courses to maximize grades.
  • qxif-check-squareEnrol in Workplace Learning.
  • qxif-check-squareEnrol in a VET program.
  • qxif-check-squareComplete a VET Certificate II.
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