Drama is a vibrant and varied art form found in play, storytelling, street theatre, festivals, film, television, interactive games, performance art and theatres.

In Drama, students achieve outcomes through the key activities of creation, performance and reflection. They explore and communicate ideas and learn particular processes and skills to enable them to work with drama forms, styles, conventions and technologies. They reflect, respond and evaluate drama and become critical, informed audiences, understanding drama in the context of their own society and culture, drawing on a diverse range of drama from other cultures, places and times to enrich their inter cultural understanding.

While some students intend to make a career in drama and related fields, they also participate in drama for enjoyment and satisfaction. They experience the pleasure that comes from developing personal skills, knowledge and understandings that can be transferred to a range of careers and situations. The Drama courses build confidence, empathy, understanding about human experience, and a sense of identity and belonging. These are invaluable qualities for contemporary living.

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