Computer Science


The Computer Science ATAR course builds on the core principles, concepts and skills developed in the Digital Technologies subject in previous years. Students utilise and enhance established analysis and algorithm design skills to create innovative digital solutions to real-world problems. In the process, students develop computational, algorithmic and systems thinking skills which can be successfully applied to problems across domains outside Information Technology.

In addition to the development of software, the essential concepts of networking, data management and cyber security are explored. With the vast amounts of data collected in our increasingly digital world, especially in the information-intensive business and scientific disciplines, data management is becoming ever more important. Similarly, with more and more devices connecting to the internet, cyber security is a major issue for society and the world continues to look for new, young experts to emerge in this field.

Ethical considerations, security requirements and legal factors affect society as a whole and their influence and impact on the development of digital solutions are examined.

This course provides students with options in a range of post-school pathways. The course has been designed to meet the expectations of tertiary institutions and students will be well prepared for further study in university and TAFE courses. It provides a sound understanding of computer science to support students pursuing further studies and employment in other areas, including Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Business, all of which are underpinned and driven by advances in Computer Science.

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