In the Physics ATAR course students will learn how energy and energy transformations can shape the environment from the small scale, in quantum leaps inside an atom’s electron cloud, through the human scale, in vehicles and the human body, to the large scale, in interactions between galaxies. Students have opportunities to develop their investigative skills and use analytical thinking to explain and predict physical phenomena.

Students plan and conduct investigations to answer a range of questions, collect and interpret data and observations, and communicate their findings in an appropriate format. Problem-solving and using evidence to make and justify conclusions are transferable skills that are developed in this course. Physics is a challenging and rewarding subject.

Physics is a prerequisite subject for most university engineering courses and is a desired subject for most tertiary science courses. Students wishing to enter Unit 1 and 2 Physics in Year 11 should have developed mathematics skills and meet the minimum expected results from Year 10 Extended Science: Physics.

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