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 The UniReady Pathway


This pathway is for General students who have definite aspirations for university studies and who intend to use a Certificate IV to gain entry. These students will be performing strongly in their classes. This pathway may have been identified for some students during Year 11.


UniReady is a university preparation course that is now being offered in schools as an alternative entry to university. It is a course specifically designed to teach students the skills they will need to succeed in university. Students combine this course with a General program of study.

Curtin University requires students to complete UniReady to be given entry via a Certificate IV. 

Students wishing to access this alternative pathway to university need to enrol in UniReady as a Year 12 subject and the Certificate IV as a VET program. Completing the Certificate IV provides students with a VET qualification, recognised by universities for entry to courses with an equivalent ATAR of 70. Curtin University also gives students recognised prior learning for this course, enabling them to complete the UniReady requirements within 2 units instead of 4 units in Year 12.


Units can be repeated over the summer holidays if necessary, at no additional cost. Offers may be conditional on successful completion of this course. Students are awarded an equivalent ATAR of 70 which will provide entry into a number of Curtin’s minimum ATAR entry courses.

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