The Psychology ATAR course enables students to understand that psychology is an evidence-based discipline following the principles of scientific inquiry; collect, process, evaluate and critically interpret information from a range of scientific sources; demonstrate an understanding of theories and models of psychological concepts that exist simultaneously and continue to evolve; critically evaluate psychological concepts, interpretations, claims and conclusions with reference to empirical evidence; apply knowledge, understandings and skills in familiar and unfamiliar contexts to explain thoughts, feelings and behaviours; design, conduct and evaluate practical science inquiry tasks relevant to psychological knowledge and understandings and develop the appropriate skills and processes to communicate their understanding of human behaviour to a range of audiences.

The Psychology ATAR course has two interrelated strands:

1. Psychological knowledge and understanding, and

2. Science inquiry.

The organisation of the strands provides an opportunity to integrate content in flexible and meaningful ways. The Psychological knowledge and understanding strand provides the contexts through which particular Science inquiry skills can be developed and understood. The same Science inquiry skills are included in each of the units to provide a common focus for the teaching and learning of content in the Psychological knowledge and understanding strand.

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