Conducted by the Oblates of Mary Immaculate

‘Come, learn what you are in the eyes of God’

The P&F is a voluntary organization that meets on a regular basis and is involved in a wide variety of activities.

The aims of the P&F are:

  • to encourage a greater spirit of community and service
  • to provide a forum through which Parents and Friends of the College can interact positively with the school
  • to fund raise to provide extra facilities and resources for all the young men who attend Mazenod College

The P&F meetings are held on a regular basis on Tuesday evenings at 7.00pm in the College boardroom. The dates for meetings are published in the College Newsletter and Calendar.


P&F President: Joel Nevin

P&F Secretary: Ann Bond


2018 Calendar of Events

Minutes 13th November 2018

Agenda 13th November 2018

Minutes 16th October 2018

Agenda 16th October 2018

Minutes 11th September 2018

Agenda 11th September 2018

Minutes 14th August 2018

Agenda 14th August 2018

Minutes 12th June 2018

Agenda 12th June 2018

Minutes 8th May 2018

Agenda 8th May 2018

Minutes 10th April 2018

Agenda 10th April 2018

Minutes 13th March 2018

Agenda 13th March 2018

Minutes 6th Feb 2018

Agenda 6th Feb 2018

AGM Minutes 14th Nov 2017