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‘Come, learn what you are in the eyes of God’

Mazenod College continues to feature in the top 50 schools with ATAR scores in the 2021 cohort.  The median ATAR was 82.5 which was above the State average.

Outstanding achievements included the achievement of two Subject Certificate of Excellence, three Certificates of Distinction and seven Certificates of Merit. 

In the area of Earth and Environmental Science, Oliver Blakely took out a Subject Certificate of Excellence.  Jenn Hurley-Green achieved this award in English.  This means these students are in the top 0.5 per cent of candidates in each ATAR course examination set by the Authority.  This is a testament to the diligence and application of these students to these courses.  Students who achieved a Certificate of Distinction were identified as consistently achieving high grades across the two years of secondary schooling.  Jordan Caiponi, Adrian Cichocki and Dylan Kramer were worthy recipients of this award.  Certificates of Merit are awarded to students whose results showed a level of application that saw them achieve their academic goals across senior schooling.  Declan Bagnara, Oliver Blakeley, Mason Houlahan, Ross Mitchell, Matthew Schilling and Filippo Vinci did Mazenod College proud by being worthy recipients of these certificates.