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University Entry


University Admission Requirements for School Leavers

Summary of requirements for University Admission to Curtin University of Technology, Edith Cowan University, Murdoch University and The University of Western Australia.

To be considered for university admission as a school leaver an applicant normally must:

Achieve the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE).

Achieve competence in English as prescribed by the individual universities.

Satisfy any prerequisites or special requirements for entry to particular courses.

Obtain a sufficiently high ATAR for entry to a particular university and/or course.

There are some alternate pathways to University, such as the completion of a Certificate IV VET course. Please see University websites for up-to-date information about current pathway options, or speak with Ms Eaton.


Entry to Notre Dame

 The University of Notre Dame Australia is a small, private Catholic University based in the West End of Fremantle committed to ensuring that students receive a personalised, high quality education. It offers a caring and friendly learning environment, providing courses that are challenging, relevant and responsive to student, employer and community needs. The University has two campuses, one in the historic port city of Fremantle and the other in Broome. The Fremantle campus now has over 3,800 students enrolled in a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Arts, Law, Education, Science & Technology, Health, Business and Theology. Although it is a private University, some courses attract Government funding in the form of Commonwealth Supported places and most other course fees are HECS equivalent.

Notre Dame selects students on the basis of a broad range of information provided by the student, the student’s school and others in a position to provide supporting evidence. The process is designed to ensure that the university selects students who demonstrate:

Adequate ability, preparation and potential to succeed in university studies.

The motivation to complete such a course.

Personal qualities that will enhance the university community.

When applying to Notre Dame, students need to provide a completed application form, results of Year 11 and Semester 1 Year 12 studies, a personal reference and a completed Notre Dame school reference form. The school will provide a professional judgement of the student’s ability, performance and potential, as well as comments on more general attributes exhibited by the student in the school environment. An interview with Notre Dame staff generally occurs as well. In most instances, students will have successfully undertaken a tertiary entrance course, although the university does not insist on particular subject combinations. It seeks evidence only, that a student has an appropriately rigorous academic preparation for university. Refer to for further details.

Portfolio Entry to ECU

 In addition to the requirements outlined above, Edith Cowan University offers an additional pathway for entry. Students must satisfy ECU’s competence in English, and achieve the minimum number of points from school assessed results for their WACE courses. Applications will be partially assessed prior to release of final results, applicants may be required to attend an interview. Applicants seeking entry should apply through TISC, but submit their Portfolio directly to ECU. For more information contact 134 328 or see

Portfolio Entry to Murdoch

In addition to the requirements outlined above, Murdoch University offers a portfolio pathway for admission to the Bachelor degrees in the Bachelor of Communications, Bachelor of Media and Bachelor of Digital Media. Students must satisfy Murdoch’s English requirement and should apply through TISC but submit their Portfolio directly to the Prospective Students and Admissions Centre at Murdoch University. Portfolios will be assessed by academic staff in the relevant discipline. For more information explore Murdoch's website at

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