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We have updated our Education Continuity Plan in response to the WA Premier’s announcement to re-open schools for the start of Term Two.

Throughout Term One, Mazenod has worked to continue the learning of its students through the period of disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the decision to transition to online learning was taken in consultation with CEWA.

The landscape around this situation is regularly changing, and the staff at Mazenod have been working hard to adapt to these changes. The state and federal governments are working towards loosening restrictions with regards to school while maintaining the focus on health and safety to prevent an increase in new infections.

Below is a link for the most recent update to the Education Continuity Plan. This edition addresses the return of students to face-to-face learning from Tuesday, 12 May 2020. For reference purposes, please see our Education Continuity Plans for the end of Term One and start of Term Two.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our whole community for the tremendous support that they have given to the College during this difficult time.


 Click to see our Education Continuity Plan


Common Questions and Answers
What is the expectation of a student?
  • To be present and punctual to their online lessons. This will be checked by the teacher through TEAMS.
  • To complete work as directed by the teacher.
  • To complete and submit any homework required by the teacher.
  • To behave online in a way that is consistent by College policies and the Student Code of Conduct. 
2 What if my son has limited internet?
We have engaged students to find out which of them have limited or no home internet. In most cases, those students will have work synchronised to the OneNotes in advance of their leaving.
In most cases, email contact is still available to students and it is more of a question of internet speed. For concerns about this, please contact the relevant Head of Learning or the Deputy Principal Teaching & Learning.
3 Can I bring my son's computer in for ICT Support?
Almost all ICT support can be provided remotely by our ICT team. First, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. A member of the team will contact you and arrange for a Zoom video-conference. If the issue cannot be resolved, then arrangements can be made to provide in-person support. The vast majority of issues can be resolved this way.
4 What if my son becomes ill?
Let us stress that your son’s health and well-being is our paramount concern. Should your son become ill or be affected by illness in your family, please email the Head of Year or the Dean of Students. The expectations of his work and engagement will be negotiated with you with the best interests of your son at the centre.
5 My son is in Year 12. What will happen?
The Academic Leadership Team will be working from the start of the term to realign courses in light of the guidance provided by SCSA. The focus will be on keeping our students progressing towards being prepared for exams, meeting VET certifications and achieving strong course marks overall. In terms of assessment. Teachers will ensure that learning materials are provided in OneNote for your son to engage with what his peers are doing in class.



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