Conducted by the Oblates of Mary Immaculate

‘Come, learn what you are in the eyes of God’

If you are still deciding on a secondary school for your son in 2020, please consider Mazenod College.  Limited places have become available for 2020.  


Reasons To Choose A Boys’ Education

1.  Many roads to manhood

An all-boys education allows classroom planning, co-curricular approaches and programs that assist boys to develop a whole, healthy understanding of boyhood and manhood.

2.  Boys crave a solid support structure with considered boundaries

Boys feel they have flow in their learning and relationships when they know the boundaries and can rely on a solid support base from peers, teachers and parents. Being a single-sex environment, a boys’ school can create its approach to suit these needs.

3.  Social pressures are far less prevalent

Adolescence is sometimes a tricky thing to navigate. Boys’ schools can jump in and help build a boy’s confidence in those early years of adolescence where a mixed environment might see a boy shy away from attempting things for fear of embarrassing himself in front of girls.

4.  Boys learn teachers as much as they learn subjects

Boys want to know you have ‘got their back’. Teacher development in learning strategies for boys and their pastoral care fosters strong relationships where boys feel valued, safe and part of something bigger. 

5.  Friendship and belonging

The friendships formed between boys during their school years are often enduring and the memories trace their journey through adolescence to adulthood. An all-boys’ environment strengthens these bonds through the extensive co-curricular and learning programs that boys experience together.

6. No opportunity lost

Every opportunity for leadership, sport, art, drama, music, performance, creative thinking and innovation is filled by a boy and young man only.